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Something big is coming. And, only you can make the difference in fighting for our Second Amendment rights.

The stakes have NEVER been higher, Guest. That's why we want to share something special with you.

Here is our first mailer... hitting mailboxes in just days... to help defend Sen. Elaine Morgan, in the battle for her life... against a proven enemy of our God-given 2A rights. Take a look.

But, Guest, this isn't enough. Every single day the progressives are gaining strength... and every single dollar that you give means we can do more to fight back. Can you chip in today?

Know that 100% of your donation will be used for political spending to get proven supporters of our 2A rights elected. The Rhode Island Self Defense Alliance is a 501-C-4 organization. This means:

  • ALL donations under $1,000 are 100% anonymous. The RISDA will never share or sell your information, and you can rest assured that the political relation you and/or your business fears from the political class will not happen in your pursuit to support your right to self-defense. This donation threshold applies to individuals, businesses, and clubs. 
  •  We are a fully volunteer organization; all dollars go towards our goal of eliminating all threats to the 2A in Rhode Island.
  • The RI Self Defense Alliance is a proud partner of the Gaspee Project, a top non-profit political activist organization in Rhode Island, and THE LARGEST conservative activist group in all of Rhode Island.
Please consider donating today so that we can fight even harder in the critical battle here all around us.