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Good day, Guest:

Have you heard about the recall petition against a North Kingstown school committee member who is seeking to indoctrinate children with radical race and gender theories as well as anti-police propaganda?

As you know, our Center is the leading statewide organization that is exposing the well-organized push to indoctrinate K-12 students with divisive Critical Race Theory tenets; above all, parental rights in education must be preserved. 

Not only has this issue been a primary topic on my In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse show, but our Center is organizing many of the parent groups that have been formed in cities and towns across Rhode Island. 

Now we are seeking your assistance in North Kingstown, where our nonpartisan ally, Friends of NK Schools, is conducting a recall petition drive. School Committee member Lima has shamed students, tried to mis-use taxpayer money, mis-represented her campaign platform, and lied on the radio ... all to cover-up her true radical agenda.

Here are a few action steps you can take:

If you are a North Kingstown registered voter, you can request a Friends of NK Schools volunteer to visit your home to obtain petition signatures. Or … 

If you would like to volunteer to help collect signatures by the Columbus Day deadline, you can volunteer your time.

Either way, visit this Lima-Recall webpage developed by one of our other coalition partners … so we can make a statewide example out of this mis-guided committee member.

If we are to defeat the larger progressive left Marxist agenda, common sense and patriotic Americans must come together to make our voices heard. Today… you have the opportunity to join this important effort.


Mike Stenhouse, CEO