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DEMAND Transparency on Covid-19 Cycle-Threshold Data

Dear John,

The full release and analysis of detailed testing data could be critical in shaping more focused and less intrusive Covid restrictions for Rhode Islanders.

This data, which measures “viral load” (how much of the virus is present) and which is routinely collected by labs that conduct covid tests, can be critically important in determining both public policy and individual regimens. Take action now to demand it. 

We have launched a new campaign, sending over a sixteen hundred pre-written emails (in just days) to officials petitioning the state to take action to collect and publish this vital cycle threshold data. 

We have good news to share... they have taken the first steps in making a small portion of this data available. Our campaign is clearly working, but we need full transparency on this critical information.

You can take action by clicking on the link here now, or the button below. Don't wait, because your voice is powerful and it will make a difference for the people of Rhode Island! Thank you.  

In Liberty,

Mike Stenhouse

P.S. If you have already petitioned these officials, could you please share it on social media? We've made it easy for you, just click here

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