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H5443 Philosophical Exemption bill

To restore personal or philosophical beliefs as a reason for immunization exemption.

H5443 restores the vaccination exemption for philosophical reasons to opt out of vaccines for school. There are many reasons why a family may choose to opt out of one particular vaccine (like HPV) or to delay a few vaccines, or decline entirely. The innate human right to refuse a pharmaceutical intervention may or may not include medical and/or religious reasons so it stands on its own merits. Parents/legal guardians should be deciding the best health practices for their children. These kinds of decisions should not be dictated by bureaucrats, politicians, media, doctors or societal pressures. They must be collaborative, with chosen consultants, and based on transparent, true informed consent recognizing inherent and unavoidable risks of liability-free interventions.

👉 HEARING SCHEDULED Wed 3/17, 3:45pm DEADLINE to REGISTER Tues 3/16, 4pm ! 👈

Click here to Register to speak (they will call your phone as we can not be in person at this time)

Please register to speak even if you are undecided. 

Written testimony to support bill 5443 can be submitted throughout Wed 3/17. 

This document created by HCRI will give you info and ways to call and write to support H5443.

If you did not already submit testimony or make calls about H5706 YOU STILL HAVE TIME. Submit Today. We sent an email yesterday on this bill

HCRI website has the data, and there is a link to document in the second paragraph.

Thank you for your support in preserving rights and fighting for informed consent. 

 ~ ~ Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations 

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