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As a friend of freedom, you know that the far-left will stop at nothing until they take total control of our lives. Only you, and the people of our state, have the power to stop them. Do you want the freedom to make your own energy choices? Support our campaign now!

Recently the Rhode Island General Assembly voted for the Ocean State's version of the Green New Deal, a radical far left plan to TAX and RESTRICT your energy choices.

Here's what you can do to make a difference. DR, can you kick into our voter education campaign to let citizens know that their elected officials voted for Rhode Island's version of the Green New Deal? Click here now. We have to let voters know about the radical records of their elected officials, and how they want to punish you just for using energy!

Targeted social media ads will run in their districts, only with support... Here is a sneak peak of the campaign:

Click here to make a $25 donation.

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Click here to make a $100 donation.

Take action! Click here now or on the button below to make a 100% anonymous donation. We're fighting against the political tyrants who voted to TAX and RESTRICT your energy choices. We must send a strong message to educate voters about these far-left radicals and their vote. Please give today, you can make a difference!

The Gaspee Project is completely funded by in-state private citizens and businesses, like you, who are fed-up with the status-quo, special-interest politics in Rhode Island ... and who want to see our state become a more hospitable place to raise a family and build a career. 

Please consider making a donation today to fight back against Rhode Island's Green New Deal. 

Thank you.

-The Gaspee Project 

RI Freedom | Cranston, RI