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Imagine being a student in a public school right now. You are being hammered by anti-American propaganda all day long. It would take unbelievable courage to stand up and say that this is wrong, because ... what if ... no one is there to back you up. Be the back up students need by volunteering to help or agreeing to sign the NK recall petition today! 

That's exactly the situation happening right now. A student-initiated recall petition is now circulating in North Kingstown to oust school committee member Lima, after she betrayed students’ trust and openly pushed for Critical Race Theory in schools.

DR, can we count on you to back up these brave students?

We need North Kingstown residents to agree to sign the petition and citizens from across the state to volunteer to collect signatures. Click here now to be the back up these students need.

Lima has shamed students, tried to mis-use taxpayer money, mis-represented her campaign platform, and lied on the radio ... all to cover-up her radical agenda.

She’s even gone so far as to organize a group of Marxists to indoctrinate our children with anti-police propaganda and divisive racial and gender theories.

An example must be made of school committee members like Lima … to strike a blow against these anti-American race-predators that are infiltrating our school systems … if we are to stop CRT dead in its tracks in Rhode Island! 

Take action by clicking the link here or on the button below now to either be contacted to sign the petition if you are an NK resident or volunteer to collect signatures.

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